The Silent Tipping Point

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I was talking to my boss, when I remembered the fight with my husband from the morning.  
My boss was giving me gentle feedback but that's all it took to put me over the edge. -Samantha

Have you ever been doing something in the middle of the day and you’ve got so much on your mind that you think you  are successfully suppressing?  Not healthy, but then one more little thing happens and a small tear starts to form in one eye and soon both eyes are welled-up and you need to suddenly find a bathroom to find your composure.  It’s not rage, no anger, just the feeling of being overwhelmed and now, out of control.  We’ve all been there.  For some, it happens very rarely but depending on what life moments you are going through, it could be happening everyday.  When this happens, so many questions come up for us.  Does this mean we are losing control?  Are we showing weakness and will this accelerate some kind of downward spiral.   The biggest:  how do I find my happy place again? Here’s some advice from experts on how to handle it:

  • Let it out!

Although, you may feel embarrassed shedding tears, crying is often a great stress reliever.  Many studies have shown that after a good cry, we are actually in a better mood.

  • Exercise!

Putting on the running shoes and getting those endorphins going is great for the body and the mind.  Plus, if you run alone, you often find a different perspective on your problems while putting in the miles and by the time you finish, you feel better. If running isn’t your thing, go for a walk or schedule a class.

  • Your Problems Aren’t as Bad as you Think!

Everyone has problems and don’t get us wrong, some are more serious than others.  But when believe there is no way out or things won’t get better, that’s often just your own negative thoughts churning in your head and not actual reality. 

  • People Can Be Mean!

Most often it’s a person, not an event that is causing you so much stress.  The negativity is crushing your mood and affecting your entire soul.  You need to create some distance so you can regain your perspective.  It is your life and you choose what to accept and who to be around.

We understand sometimes it is easier said than done but you only have one life and if you are upset, stressed and miserable, it’s up to you to change the narrative.  You can do it. 

If you feel more than just overwhelmed, you can call several helplines:

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

1-800-662-HELP (4357)

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:


And of course, if you need immediate assistance, please call 911.

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